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The members of the legacy gifts team are here as your resource, and it would be their pleasure to help you design a long-term gift to continue your compassion and help give animals a future. All information will be kept confidential.

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Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the gift options available to you and determine which is best for you now and in the future.

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Meet the Legacy Gifts Team

Thank you for considering a legacy gift to provide for PETA’s important work. If you have already included a gift to PETA in your will or trust, thank you for your vital support. We understand that your estate plan represents your legacy to the world, and we’re humbled that you trust us to carry out your vision for a future in which animals will live free from harm.

Sepideh Daneshmand

Senior Philanthropic Specialist Legacy Gifts

Sepideh Daneshmand calls the world her home and is proficient in several languages. Having lived and worked in the Middle East, Europe, and South and East Asia, she made the transition from her corporate career in international business to development in the nonprofit field. Documentaries on factory farming sparked her journey to embrace a compassionate lifestyle, leading her to PETA. “I am honored to stand with PETA’s Augustus Club members, who allow us to make a difference together,” she says. She shares her home with her two rescued cats, Atlas and Apollo, whom she adopted from a local animal shelter where she volunteers.

Tim Enstice

Vice President of
Legacy Gifts

Tim Enstice oversees all aspects of PETA’s planned-giving programs. Dedicated to assisting animals on every level, he also helps PETA deliver free doghouses to give some comfort to vulnerable “backyard dogs.” Before he earned a master’s degree in public affairs and a law degree, he made time to serve two and a half years in Ecuador with the Peace Corps. Inspired and motivated by PETA publications, he decided to devote his life to animal rights. He says that what attracted him to PETA was “a sense that I could use my talents to help those whose cries for mercy we as a society choose to ignore.”

Cate McKeating

Legacy Gifts Stewardship Coordinator

Cate McKeating has a long history of taking action against animal abuse, sparked by the realization that the fish in the aquarium were the same as the fish on her plate when she was 7 years old. After college, she began her career advocating for animal rights, with a focus on animals used for experimentation. Through undercover rescue investigations, she witnessed firsthand the horrific living conditions of dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, and others in laboratories, which fueled her to continue dedicating her life to animals. As a vegan, Cate loves to show others how easy (and delicious) it is to keep animals off their plates. She looks forward to working with other PETA supporters in their work for animals worldwide.

Denise McLeod

Philanthropic Specialist
Legacy Gifts

Animals have been an important part of Denise McLeod’s life for as long as she can remember. It all started with a childhood dog named Trixie, and continues to this day with a sassy feline, Anouk, who thinks she runs the household. OK, maybe she does! Denise’s love of animals along with concern for the environment naturally led to the decision to choose a vegan lifestyle. She says, “It is a delightful journey, exploring food and clothing options that have stretched my imagination. We all can make a significant difference for animals with our personal choices. Through your philanthropy, animals who are subjected to cruel treatment on factory farms as well as in labs and entertainment venues will be addressed as a direct result of your compassion and support of PETA’s mission.

Daniella Ramadei

Associate Director of
Legacy Gifts

Daniella Ramadei went vegan at age 12 after reading PETA and Buddhist literature. Her animal advocacy began with love for her family’s dogs and volunteering at animal shelters. Studying and working overseas exposed her to the dire circumstances of animals around the world. After law school, she worked as a legal researcher for a charity devoted to shutting down puppy mills and pet stores. She continues to volunteer at local animal shelters and events informing the public on animal issues. She says, “I’m delighted to use my expertise to assist compassionate people in supporting the fight against animal suffering.”

Kristin Salsano

Legacy Gifts Stewardship

Kristin Salsano has always held animals in high regard and treated them as equals, but her true animal advocacy started when she decided to go vegan. The compassion she felt after that decision naturally led her to a career in animal rights. When she isn’t working hard to end animal suffering, she enjoys creating inspiring vegan recipes and trying the latest vegan foods on the market. She shares her home with her two cats, Hemingway and Tobias, who are the lights of her life. She loves having the opportunity to talk to PETA supporters about animal rights, PETA’s work, and how to make a lasting legacy for animals.

Jennie Taylor

Philanthropic Specialist
Legacy Gifts

Like many other PETA supporters, Jennie Taylor’s compassion for animals began in childhood. Later, after learning about the suffering of calves on veal farms, it led her to the plight of animals used for laboratory testing, food, clothing, and entertainment. Jennie has spent over 30 years in the nonprofit sector, including several at PETA. For many years, she has advocated on behalf of animals to promote a compassionate lifestyle and the view that all animals are individuals deserving of equal consideration. Jennie says, “It’s a personal and professional privilege to be able to help others find the best ways they can help animals.”

Kara Williams

Legacy Gifts Stewardship Specialist

Kara Williams began her journey of animal activism in high school, when she refused to dissect cats. Later, as a teacher, she rescued a rabbit who was being confined to a cage in a classroom and suffering from a life of loneliness and stress. Kara became increasingly involved in animal rescue efforts focusing on domestic rabbits and injured pigeons as well as victims of the cruel pigeon-racing, pigeon-meat, and dove-release industries. She went vegan and joined in rallies and marches for animal rights causes, including efforts to shutter slaughterhouses. Ultimately, she wanted as much of her time and energy as possible to go toward helping animals suffering in laboratories and in the food, clothing, and entertainment industries. That’s why she is thrilled to have joined the PETA Foundation Legacy Gifts team, speaking with members who are putting their compassion into action! Kara shares her life with rescued rabbit and pigeon companions.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the gift options available to you and determine which is best for you now and in the future.

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Tim Enstice
Vice President of Legacy Gifts, PETA Foundation
501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510