The Augustus Club

Who Was Augustus?

Augustus (pictured here) was one of the 17 macaque “Silver Spring monkeys,” most of whom were taken from their jungle homes in the late 1970s and purchased for $200 each by animal experimenter Edward Taub for testing purposes. After PETA exposed the extreme cruelty and neglect that were being inflicted on Augustus and the others in Taub’s lab at the Institute for Behavioral Research laboratory, the police raided it and Taub became the first experimenter to be convicted of cruelty to animals.

During the legal battle that went on for years, PETA succeeded in getting five of the monkeys transferred to indoor/outdoor enclosures at the San Diego Zoo, where they could live together and were never put on display. However, despite the custody battles, most of the monkeys were finally killed by experimenters, including Augustus, who died at the Delta Regional Primate Research Center in July 1990.

A Special Group of Committed People Like You

PETA’s Augustus Club honors those who are leaving a legacy for animals through a planned gift to PETA. There are no fees or charges to belong, and members receive semi-annual newsletters containing special features on PETA’s history and our impact on animal-abusing industries and profiles of members and the animals they’ve helped save. Augustus Club members also receive invitations to special events throughout the year.

Augustus’ noble image, dignity, and innocence make him a fitting symbol of the plight of all animals who have endured—and are still enduring—abuse at the hands of humans.


Your benefits as a member of the Augustus Club include the following:

  • You can attend events that provide an opportunity to meet other local PETA members and bring together friends and associates who may be interested in becoming more involved in animal rights.
  • You’ll receive special invitations to other PETA events, including galas and award ceremonies. These special events are intended to promote our cause in a very public way.
  • A member of our Augustus Club staff may occasionally call to thank you for a particular gift, update you on the progress that your donations have helped us make, or schedule a visit at your convenience.
  • Augustus Club members receive copies of our semi-annual newsletter, which includes thorough updates on our campaigns, current challenges, and victories for animals. Access an archive of our recent issues.

If you’ve already included PETA in your plans, please let us know. We’d like to recognize you for your generosity.

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